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Meet Our Staff & Leadership


John W. McVicker, Sr. 

Senior & Founding Pastor

Reverend John Wesley McVicker, Sr., has been preaching and teaching the Word of God since October 1975, locally, nationally, and internationally. As the founding pastor of Christ The King Baptist Church (1985), in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Reverend McVicker is committed to the cultivation of Christian growth within his congregation and throughout the community. Under his leadership, Christ The King built a new edifice in 1997; organized King’s Academy Christian School in 1998; and built a Quality of Life Center in 2005.  In addition, Reverend McVicker organized Christ The King’s affiliates: Samaritan Project, Inc., CTK Development Inc., CTK Housing Development, and CTK CU (Credit Union), that provide programs and services to its members and the Milwaukee community-at-large.  

Olivia Walker

Editor in Chief

Editor in Chief

Dan Mitchell

Editor in Chief

Assistant Manager

Noah Patterson

Editor in Chief

Programming Editor

Tess Anderson

Editor in Chief

Art Director

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