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Christ The King Church exists to advance the Kingdom of God through spirit filled worship, dynamic preaching, and biblically sound teaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to provide services that minister to your physical, mental, and spiritual needs. One shepherd, one vision—a church that cares about you.



To Know Christ, And to Make Him Known


We develop and equip God's people with the necessary tools to minister the life of Christ to one another and to the community at large.

  • Living in the Word

  • Praying in Faith

  • Fellowshipping with Believers

  • Witnessing to the World

Our History
In 1985, under the inspiration and guidance of the Holy Spirit, Christ The King Baptist Church (CTK) was founded and organized by the Reverend John Wesley McVicker, Sr., with his wife, Marilynn. The initial organizational meeting was held April 9, 1985, with thirty-nine members.  The first worship service was on Sunday, April 21, 1985, at the Vel Phillips Center, 3940 North 21st Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  The organizational ceremony of the church and the investiture of Reverend John Wesley McVicker, Sr., as its Pastor, was conducted on Sunday, May 19, 1985, by the Wisconsin General Baptist State Convention, Incorporated, under the leadership of Reverend Fred L. Crouther, President.
In October 1985, the church submitted an offer to purchase the edifice at 4422 West Leon Terrace.  The offer was accepted and the closing took place on July 3, 1986.  After taking occupancy of Leon Terrace, the church celebrated with daylong activities on October 19, 1986.  This day will remain in our hearts forever.  Similarly, in December 1988, Pastor McVicker implemented a two-year mortgage liquidation plan for the Leon Terrace property, and on December 2, 1990, we burned its mortgage.
In March 1995, due to a tremendous growth in membership, a relocation capital campaign was launched entitled “Catch the Vision.”  On March 11, 1996, the success of this campaign afforded Christ The King the ability to purchase 9.1 acres of land, at our current location, 7750 North 60th Street.  A special dedication service was held on April 28, 1996, giving God the glory, honor and praise for choosing us as His vessels, and challenging us with this opportunity to witness for Jesus Christ in a new community.  In a jubilant ceremony, we broke ground in December 1996 and triumphantly moved into our beautiful new edifice in December 1997.
As God expanded our territory, we made preparation to build the Quality of Life Center, under the umbrella of our affiliate, CTK Development, which would house various programs and services for our members and the community at large.  A stewardship campaign was initiated for this project, entitled “God’s Doing It Again,” acknowledging God’s hand in our accomplishments.  Therefore, in November 2003, as a result of hard work and the monetary sacrifice of our members, we broke ground for the Quality of Life Center (QLC).  By August 2005, the construction was completed. 

“Together We Build” (2004) was a stewardship campaign begun to liquidate the mortgage of our current edifice and to support the operations of the QLC.  In May 2006, we celebrated yet another milestone in our church’s history – the burning of our mortgage here at 7750 North 60th Street.  Christ the King was blessed to have liquidated two church mortgages within a 15-year period.
In August 2006, we completed construction on Phase III of our building projects, which included the new Administrative Wing, the Choir and Hospitality Rooms, and the expansion of the mingling areas (Narthex), that allows us to fellowship with one another each Sunday after worship, or just any time we come together. In January 2016, Pastor McVicker initiated the 20/20 Vision Capital Campaign to Liquidate the mortgage for the Quality of Life Center.
Since our inception as a church, we have created affiliations that provide programs and services to our members and communities.  They are: Samaritan Project, Inc., CTK Development Inc., CTK Housing Development, and CTK CU (Credit Union).  All of these organizations enhance Christ The King’s mission to serve, holistically.
Within recent years, Christ The King Baptist Church has continued to be the “beacon of light” that God has called us to be both in our community and around the world.  The bountiful blessings God has bestowed upon us have been shared with others in the following ways:

Home Mission

  • Annually providing scholastic awards to CTK youth aspiring to attend college

  • The annual Angel Tree gifts to children of incarcerated individuals

  • Local support to organizations, such as Repairers of the Breach, Friendship House, Sojourner Truth House, and The Prison Fellowship Ministry

  • Servicing our young boys through cub and boy scout programs

  • Voter Registration drives to facilitate increased participation of disenfranchised individuals

  • Partnering with The American Association of Physicians of Indian origin to facilitate the establishing of a Free  Adult Primary Care Medical

       Clinic to service the uninsured and underinsured Milwaukee constituents.

Foreign Mission

  • Continual assistance to 2nd Calvary Baptist Church of Norfolk, VA, with its mission efforts in Kenya thru medical supplies and missionaries

  • Since 2008, we have provided monthly support to five (5) pastors in Kenya

  • In 2009, we built two wells in Kenya to help relieve areas deprived of water due to drought conditions

  • In 2011, provided medications monthly to a medical clinic in Malawi.

  • Housing for the Haiti Hurricane Victims

  • Food for Ebola Victims in Liberia

Mentioned above are only a few initiatives we have embarked upon as a family of faith, in our history.  Christ The King Baptist Church will continue to offer our services, dedication and commitment to advance the Kingdom of God by our unwavering support to our church mission and its vision.

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